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Your Bath and Shower Replacement Professionals

The time comes for every homeowner when they’re better off replacing fixtures than constantly repairing them. If you’ve lived in an older home, you know exactly what we mean. Many homeowners spend hundreds of dollars repairing their appliances when they could pay less with a simple replacement. If you’re pouring too much money into bath and shower repairs, give the team at Detroit Tubs a call. We help residents of Macomb, Wayne, and Oakland Counties replace their fixtures so they no longer need to spend excess money. Our team will point you to the most affordable option when it comes to bath and shower replacement.

remodeled black and white bathroom

Signs It’s Time to Replace

Most homeowners want to avoid a replacement if possible. However, there are some warning signs that indicate replacing your bathtub or shower is the only option. Stay on the lookout for the following issues:

  • Leaks: A leaking bathtub can wreak havoc on your walls and flooring. If you notice leaks whenever you run water, a replacement can save you money in the long run.
  • Discoloration: Over time, showers and bathtubs can develop stains. Unfortunately, many of these stains are difficult to remove, and you may be better off with a replacement.
  • Cracks: Just like leaks, cracks in your bathtub or shower can result in widespread water damage. Be sure to call for a replacement before it becomes a significant problem.
  • Mold Growth: If you notice mold and mildew taking hold in and around your bathroom, you could have a leak somewhere. Don’t risk harmful mold—instead, replace your bath and take care of the problem at its source.

We Can Install Your New Tub or Shower in No Time

The team at Detroit Tubs is incredibly efficient when it comes to bath and shower installation. In fact, we can take care of some jobs in just one day! Let us know your needs, and we’ll come up with a timetable that will have you enjoying your new bathroom as soon as possible. We understand the hassle that can come with remodeling, but we strive to streamline the process and cause little interruption to your daily life.

All Projects Come With a Lifetime Guarantee