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Reglasing Tub

With us you will GET Tub Restoration, NOT cheap spray paint.

You’ll Get The Best Bathtub Refinishing Company In DETROIT – Backed by a 100% Money Back Warranty.


In life, you always get what you pay for! A good job on a tub should take at least 3 hours; if done in less time, little or no prep was done. *NOTE: With so many options available for tile refinishing and all bathroom projects, a FREE in-home estimate should be booked.


  • We have – the Best Trained Refinisher – this is what we do.
    1. Why We Are Different… We don’t JUST paint your damage bathtub as others do. We do more of a restoration, using a time tested & proven PROCESS verses those that just ‘Paint’ your tub.
    2. Our Process & Coatings: all bathtub & tile refinishers and coatings are not created equal. We don’t provide one price cookie cutter paint jobs. The low ball prices are from people who do side jobs and use cheap materials.
    3. We HAVE DONE 2,026 Jobs in the past 12 months, and we have a 97% customer satisfaction rating.
    4. We DO NOT just paint your damaged bathtub with cheap paints that will not last. Other guys quote $199 over the phone and they offer a $49 tub kit from Home Depot. They just apply it with a paint brush. WE OFFER A BUY BACK OPTION. IF you DO NOT LIKE your tub reglaze (see below).
    5. WE REMOVE – Hardware & Caulk Removal: Not all bathroom refinishers will remove your caulking or even the overflow during refinishing. Some will just coat right over it.
      When needed, we strip old coatings off. Others just sand loose and spray new coat. If the bathtub reglazing coating has failed, it must be completely removed for a solid foundation for the new coating being applied. Professionally protective equipment and ventilation is needed, and adds 1 to 1.5 hours to the job.
    6. WE USE – Masking & Ventilation: to protect the bathroom from over-spray. This is often overlooked with many refinishers. Most simply apply a roll of masking paper around the tub. Your bathroom will be coated by over spray if this is not done.
    7. We Etch The Surface: Etching provides mechanic adhesion allowing the coating a place to “grip on to.” Porcelain & enameled tubs cannot be etched by sanding like acrylic and fiberglass tubs can.
    8. WE USE – HF ACID to prep the tub. NOT ACETONE.
    9. WE USE – Ventilation equipment: that pulls the chemical odors out from the bathroom and exhaust them outside.
    10. WE USE – Primer: this is the foundation of a coating system. Seals the tub or tile and provides a uniform color and surface treatment for the protective top coat.
    11. Re-Caulking: Completing the job by recaulking, even though most refinishers don’t.

  • Acrylic / Polyurethane
    Polyurethane is considered to provide optimal protection over polyurethane, because…

    …it is highly stain-resistant, abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant. Best results are achieved when applied by professional spray equipment. Polyester develops 95% of its full properties in 24 hours. Common applications for polyurethane coatings are used when optimal protection is required for industrial applications, airplanes, boats, floors and porcelain tub & tile refinishing. Old caulking absolutely should be removed and the overflow plate when possible, (some are threaded on & can’t be removed due to being seized). Escutcheons on tile walls and tub drain removal makes for a better looking and longer lasting job by having the coating sealed under the hardware. Should you have a previously refinished tub or tile that is failing, it should be chemically stripped off to the original surface. Why?… Would you put a new roof on your home over rotten wood… of course not, I hope? Most refinishers will simply sand around the failed area and apply their coating over the remainder of the failed coating.

    This is a cheap shortcut that we will not do. Always be sure they remove all of the failed coating.



    Left untreated water spreads out clinging to the surface. Right side treated with TubPotion #16 magically repels the water. Built into the coating for years of lasting protection & easy cleaning.

    *Left untreated water spreads out clinging to the surface. Right side treated with TubPotion #16 magically repels the water. Built into the coating for years of lasting protection & easy cleaning.

  • Different Bath Tub Refinishing Coatings Cure Between 4 And 48 Hours… Why?

    Our Aliphatic (non-yellowing) high performance polyester catalyst. Creates a chemical reaction in our bathtub refinishing coatings, allowing them to achieve full cure in just 24 hours.

    Which is the perfect balance in set time. for you and the coating in convenience and durability.

    The 48 hour cure is an epoxy which are slow to set up. Yellow with time and tend to be easily damaged. Nor do they provide the texture free porcelain look of polyurethane coatings.

  • When Tub Reglazing is No Longer An Option

    Acrylic Tub Liners & Surrounds:

    We Also offer the best acrylic tub liner and surrounds with a life time guarantee not to get water trapped underneath.We use a proprietary installation method, that avoids this problem along with the thickest ABS Capped Acrylic on the market.

    Acrylic capped ABS tub liners and wall surrounds provides a superior look and durability over cheap vinyl (PVC) or straight acrylic liners.

    With over 2 hundred molds, there’s a 99% chance we can fit your tub.


  • Before We Come To Install, Please Do This

    Refinishing Tips:

    1. Remove all bathroom items before refinisher arrives (i.e. where any work will be performed).

    We must cover and mask the room and personal objects must be taken out before we can start. Please have this done before arrival.

    Shower curtains.



    Personal hygiene products.


    Items mounted on the walls.

    Floor rugs.

    2. Make sure all fixtures DO NOT LEAK.

    Far too often we get to the job site to find we have to reschedule due to this problem.

    As well, you don’t want to have a plumber working over a freshly done bathtub refinishing.

    Repair any dripping faucets or damaged shower diverters before arrival.

    *NOTE: Should you elect to have your bathtub done with the drain out PLEASE be sure to leave the plumbing attached under the tub. We must install a temporary drain while executing the prep work and we cannot do the job when the tub drain shoe waste assemble is not present.

    This happens time after time, forcing a reschedule.

    Understand that poorly painted walls that peel are not the refinisher’s fault. *Note: This is a big problem we often run into when we are reglazing bathtub or ceramic wall tile.
    We apply our blue painters tape to your surrounding wall area for masking and it pulls off your wall paint because the wall was not properly prepped when painted.

    I don’t know if it’s ignorance or laziness but folks seem to believe you don’t need to clean, scuff and or sand the bathroom walls before painting and then point the finger at us, when the paint peels from masking removal?

    It is NOT the refinisher’s fault. A properly prepared wall will not peel from the simple application of masking tape.

    Understand that tight spaces make refinishing difficult. A toilet or vanity cabinet to close will interfere with the coating application, 8 inches or more is needed to properly apply the coatings. You may want it to be removed prior to refinishing the tub. Hopefully, you have water cut off valves installed on your vanity’s water lines, and then it becomes fairly easy to remove the entire cabinet and sink together. If not you can either turn the water off and install caps on the water pipe, then turn the water back on so it’s available during the preparation phase.

    Should you be having your tile walls refinished and the tile goes around the room, the toilet tank must be removed so the coating can be applied behind it. We can provide this service when needed.


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