Oak Park Bathroom Remodeling

Oak Park Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom Remodeling is the answer! Our bathtub refinishing experts can remodel your bathroom so it looks brand new. Your new bathroom will be flawless and remain brilliant for years to come. No matter where in Metro Detroit you live, we’re ready to remodel your bathroom promptly, cleanly, and conveniently.


Call us today at 313-881-1900 for more info or to set up a free, no-obligation estimate.


DETROIT TUBS is Oak Park’s top expert in Bathroom Remodeling! Satisfied customers everywhere from Warren, Sterling Heights, & Roseville to Livonia, Wayne, Canton and beyond, have been saving time and money by repairing their old, worn-out tubs instead of replacing them! In fact, a recent survey estimated that you can save up to 70% or more simply by having us refinish your tub!


✓ Tub looks & wears like new
✓ Lifetime warranty available
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Stone-Flecks finish available
✓ Helps protect from mold and mildew
✓ Takes about 2-3 hours to apply
✓ Ready to use in 24-48 hours


✓ Therapeutic jets and features
✓ Anti-slip tub floor and seat
✓ Built-in and wall mounted grab bars
✓ Quick release drain
✓ Easy to reach controls
✓ Hand-held shower wand
✓ Heater for constant temperature


✓ A smooth, non-porous surface
✓ Protection from mold and mildew
✓ It is easy to clean
✓ Will not stain, chip or peel
✓ Most installations finished in 1 day
✓ Greater heat retention than cast iron or steel tubs
✓ Costs less than replacing the tub


✓ Stone-Flecks Finish
✓ Cultered Marble
✓ Ceramic Tile
✓ Acrylic Wall Systems
✓ Natural Stone Granite
✓ Natural Stone Quartz
✓ Custom Color Matching


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